1 October 2010

Mission Statement Impossible

As this blog is still quite young I want to take sometime to explain to my readers, but most of all to myself what this blog will be mostly about.

Most of all it is about fashion, and style, and things that I love to wear, to touch, to see, to do, and the occasionally to eat.

I want there to be a focus on photography. Blogging presents me with an excellent opportunity to improve my skills. My camera is a basic point and shoot so I want to master it. There are a ton of fashion photography blogs that I admire. Most of all, Jak and Jil. The pure quality of Tommy Ton’s photos is amazing. You can see every last freckle on a models nose. He also captures personalities and energies like no other blogger. I image Anna Dello Russo’s personality is always on display and I love that he shows it. But the first thing I learned from his blog was the close up. He has got a true artists eye. Whereas I tend to see things from a far landscape view, he has taught me to zoom in and capture the beauty that is hidden.

As for my writing. Well, it could use some work. But that will take a lot longer to develop. When you have an image in mind, you can take a photograph and know right away if you illustrated it well. But for me, with writing, I never know what I have conveyed. Plus the writing will be the real tone of the blog, and I don’t know what that is yet. I hope after sometime my writing will be more insightful, more interesting, and more provocative. But for now please deal with my boring and unoriginal style.

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