21 May 2011

The Challenge of Evening Wear

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I've been facing a massive challenge lately, and it's not exams, it's not my dissertation, and it's not finding a job, it's finding a dress to wear to my business school's Ball. At first I thought since I'm somewhat new the the UK that I just didn't know where to shop, but then I tried to think where would I go if I were in America. No clue even still. It got me thinking about the evening wear market conundrum...

First thing I do is turn to the runway and red carpet for ideas. They look gorgeous in their dresses. But then I image myself in it. Giovanna Battaglia looks stunning in her dress, styled perfectly, beyond words. Cavalli, Gucci, and Dolce and Gabanna really just don't translate to the real world, or unfortunately my world.

Which leads me directly to the prom dress market. What the hell is going on there? When I search the Internet for dress all I get are tacky cheap and slutty prom dresses. I honestly remember every girl in my high school looking pretty amazing, so who buys these messes?

Then there the prices. Any nice dress is pretty much my months rent. My budgets 150 quidish. So rule out any high (and even mid market) dresses. That pretty much leaves me with H&M. I love that store endlessly but the thought of going to a ball in a 30 pound dress is a little depressing.

On to the next option, Rent the Runway. I love this company. Brilliant idea for a business. But the thought of my parents having to ship a designer dress across the Atlantic, only to be shipped immediately back, well that's risky, and with all the shipping I could probably have bought the designer dress. Have you seen how expensive fedex is?

So this letter is really an open call for any and all suggestions. You know my budget and if you read my blog you'll know my style. Where can I find a (floor length) dress?