30 September 2010

My attempt

Here are some shots of what I wore. Inspired by my previous post on the seventies... You can't really get more seventies that orange and brown. For most the day I wore a light pink blouse but I think the white tank actually worked better.

I am often very uncomfortable with mixing brown and black together. I've always been told that you can either wear black or brown, not both. But I decided to see what brown shorts looked like with black tights. What do you think? Is this a rule worth breaking?

29 September 2010

The 70s Suits Me

There is just something I love about the seventies fashions. Well, some of it. 
I love the suits for women. Wide legged with sharp lapels. It carries all the power of the 1980s working women suit but with out the shoulder pads. And the colors are to die for. Creams, beiges, camels. I could do a whole post on camel coats, in fact I might. Plus as you will soon find out, I have a serious love for ugly. Really. The best dressed women wear things you wouldn't dare think to pick up, and yet they look amazing. True trendsetting. The seventies just has so much ugly that I have to love it.