21 March 2011

Classic with a Twist

Classic with a twist...Cliche right?
But if the shoes fits. And god I hope these half clog, half sandal platforms fit.
As you can see by my back to back feature of these shoes, I adore them.
Not to be out done, this blazer is gorgeous. I can just imagine the feel of the crepe material.
I imagine myself wearing this outfit to the yacht club this summer, with the navy tank on underneath for the prep factor and this triple pearl ring to show some toughness.
Plus when its time to hit up the bars I can just take of the tank, whip out some double stick tape, and do what Gwyneth would do.

19 March 2011

I didn't do it justice

I was looking back over this top, and the more and more I think about it the more and more I love it. The nude netted material is so sexy. Probably hard to wear, but none the less sexy. And the details on the arms are so out there that I can't help but want it. I think if you wear it with something quite and covering on the bottom (like the camel trouser from my last post) you could actually pull this top off. Rihanna comes to mind as someone who could, and would wear it. Its by Starstyling for Topshop, and their website is just awesome. Have a peek.

Spring Dreams

I loved it when the camel colors came
My coat collection will never be the same
But now winter is on its way out,
so how can I wear camel colors about?
I will find the answer no doubt.
Winter-to-Spring, a tough transition.
So wear these two bralettes in the sun.
Throw in those beige platforms in for fun.
Cover up with this nude netted top
All of these items are from Topshop

6 March 2011

I am dreaming of this skirt

It looks so much better in person. And it holds its shape when you turn it sideways. Who doesn't want a skirt that defies gravity? Good for those windy summer days.