31 December 2010

The Best of 2010 - College Fashionista

I cant get enough of year end reviews and as an avid follower and past writer for collegefashionista.com I have to recommend that my readers flip thru these photos.  I am extremely touched to have one of my photos featured in the Best of 2010 - College Fashionista. Here is  the photo

Let's discuss my forever21 basket

 these two items are my top picks. I think the suede and leather skirt is perfect for the new 70s trends that I predict we will see everywhere come spring. I really dont like the styling of the skirt with those dom heels. I think jessica simpson's dany shoes would go perfect. i'd throw in some white lace ankle socks to really kill it. the suede shoes really speak for themselves. i wonder how many pairs of wedge ankle boots i will buy before i get tired. these would be my forth.

i am somehow still not sick of the sheer trend that rocked last spring and fall. carrying it into winter can be tricky not to mention chilly. its also time to look for new ways of doing the sheer look. (after all sheer was just a new way of showing skin). instead of the light see thru fabrics that were seen everywhere in spring and fall this top is lot heavier and edgier which is perfect for the remaining winter months. 

on a side note, i think its really smart that forever21 includes both of the photos above on their site. when online shopping it is best to look at the item of clothing in a picture where only it shows. and then to a pic where it is styled if you need some inspiration. i was attracted to this top at first purely because i like how the model was styled. edie sedgwick inspired no doubt, and i can never resist her. but in reality i will not actually have a white/blonde pixie with black eyebrows. so really i should look at the one on the right to decide if im willing to throw down some cash. 

 i loved this cardi at first sight. i almost wish it were actually a double breasted blazer. i even almost wish it were actually a blazer long enough to be a dress. that would be hawt for spring. 

i picked these shoes because i have yet to own a pair of oxfords. they are in every british girls closet but im still a bit afraid that they make legs look stumpy. i know theres only about 4 inches a fabric difference between oxfords and ballet flats but i just dont know. my first pair of oxfords need to be light or tan colored so i can wear them with bare legs to hopefully create a longer looking line for my legs.

these are colors that im craving for spring. refinery29 did a piece on expected color pairings that i found really inspirational. anyone can wear a stylish piece but its the pairing and styling that really makes someone stand out. id wear this teal top with the baby pink skirt below.

these two wouldnt be my usual style but whenever i do i big shop i think you should buy item that challenge you. i finally feel like i can embrace native american trends. they would only have a spot in my summer casual wardrobe, maybe with some denim cut offs? who am i kidding, i dont wear denim cutoffs. on second thought maybe this look is better for someone else....

ahhhh the much talked about maxi skirt. i love the new legnths that squeezed into fall and now spring. the are gorgeous but can be hard to wear. when online shopping for these items it is important to look at how they are styled and to save a pic of it so you can replicate it and then experiment to find successful ways of wearing them. a maxi skirt is a good place to start but i am really wanting a mid calf, long sleeve dress that is tight but not see thru. anyone have any ideas where to get that?

and now onto near misses...

i am wondering who will be the first of the cheap n' trendy stores to carry patterned pants. we've seen them all over the runways as part of the new 70s look. now i want to see them in the stores. they are truly refreshing. these pants are included because i think the print would make a really unusually pair of trousers. i unfortunately think the pants above are left overs from the harem pants trend. i didnt like even the best of this trend so why would i want the picked over rejects?? 

im desperate for a pocket book that is square, structured, and must have a shoulder strap as well as a short handle strap. it screams grown up woman. this bag from forever21 comes close but to me it screams school girl, and i am trying to move away form that phase.

this skirt is included because it shows just how dangerous online shopping can be. i love the idea of the skirt. i love the fabric, the stripes, the color, the hem, ect. but its hard to deny that the skirt is poorly made. forever21 has its limits. quality and fit are usually the first out the door and those two things are vital for this skirt. so im going to have to call this one a near miss.

coco cracks me up

coco rocha's TSA inspired picture 

30 December 2010

NYE possibilities

I tried to make two variations with one top. the first two pair maroon with an ivory color pencil skirt. i thought the color combo actually worked. it was a little less cliche and the pencil skirt made it a bit less trashy.

here is the more tradition nye outfit; extreme low cut top with a tiny mini. i prefer to tuck in my tops, but this halter is flowy under the beaded band so it kinda gave me a bit too much bulk creating the illusion of crazy muffin top. which is my worst nightmare.

while i probably wont be wearing these outfits (cause they're not very practical, even with meters of double stick tape) i will most likely do my hair and make up as i did it here. it was super easy. first i teased the crap out of my hair, a little at the roots and then a ton at the ends. then i bobby pinned it down as tight as i could right behind my ears. it feels glamorous but still unique which is just the vibe i want for nye

p.s. sorry about the low quality, i took these w my laptop cause i left my camera back in the states. it has been shipped off to me so hopefully better quality photos and videos soon.
December's Inspirations. 

(Fashiongonerogue and Facehunter)

23 December 2010

My dreams of being Cher Horowitz were finally realized with this plaid yellow skirt from H&M.

If I were really being honest with myself, I would have site Clueless as a large influencer of my personal style. I am a sucker for over the knee socks and tiny Calvin Klein dresses. As a twelve year old, I even took polaroids of my favorite outfits in a poor attempt of recreating Cher's closet. I will have a 'smart closest' one day, one day.

21 December 2010

A lil suede & a lil leather.  
No animals were harmed in the process.

Did it suddenly turn into summer? No, I just have been blasting the heat all day in protest of freezing winter weather. And thanks to a little bit of photoshop I even have a fake tan.

19 December 2010

4 December 2010