6 October 2010

Platts Field Modern

Manchester has a seriously long history of textiles. There are enough textile museums and historical sites to keep a fashionista entertained and educated for ages. Lucky for me the Gallery of Costume at Platt Hall has just been renovated. The layout of the exhibit was easy to navigate; the first floor was modern, from 1910 or so onwards and the upper floor was full of historical pieces. Ill post the modern ones now and the older ones later.

The mannequins at this gallery were amazing because it seems that the curator matched the appropriate mannequin to the time period. These mannequins just scream 1970s.

I am a sucker for any ordinary object that is supersized in exhibits.

Some vintage Christian Diors. Gorg.

Banana rama
Mad Mad World

Reminded me of the Prada chandelier dresses, shirts, and shoes. Maybe this was a piece of inspiration.

Loved this photo. Very touching display.

This is a dress made entirely of leather and pins. Lady Gaga needs it. It needs Lady Gaga.

I think this was my favorite dress. Perfectly wearable today.

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  1. Ali!!!Could u plz tell me where is the museum! It looks really worth to visit!!! U are a great fashion advisor!!! I like your comments and photos! there are some words shock me deeply-"fashion is self confidence and fearless!" Btw, I am looking forward Lady Gaga with the pins dress! haha