30 December 2010

NYE possibilities

I tried to make two variations with one top. the first two pair maroon with an ivory color pencil skirt. i thought the color combo actually worked. it was a little less cliche and the pencil skirt made it a bit less trashy.

here is the more tradition nye outfit; extreme low cut top with a tiny mini. i prefer to tuck in my tops, but this halter is flowy under the beaded band so it kinda gave me a bit too much bulk creating the illusion of crazy muffin top. which is my worst nightmare.

while i probably wont be wearing these outfits (cause they're not very practical, even with meters of double stick tape) i will most likely do my hair and make up as i did it here. it was super easy. first i teased the crap out of my hair, a little at the roots and then a ton at the ends. then i bobby pinned it down as tight as i could right behind my ears. it feels glamorous but still unique which is just the vibe i want for nye

p.s. sorry about the low quality, i took these w my laptop cause i left my camera back in the states. it has been shipped off to me so hopefully better quality photos and videos soon.

1 comment:

  1. i really like that deep V neck, but yes i never was brave enough to wear it... but still, i'm very tempted!