22 November 2010

What Should I Wear


I love these pants. They are great flair and with heels they hit perfectly. But I feel like I'm suffering a bit from Jessica Simpson Syndrom. If she has taught us anything beyond chicken of the sea, it is that high waisted pants are not for everyone. Im right on that border. At 5'5 I am nearly tall enough and at a size 6 I am nearly slim enough. But nearly isn't quite enough so it is fair to say these pants are not flattering. And I know that, so why did I buy them? Well, I love the style of them. Every now and then I like to break the good fit rules and just wear what I god damn like. But should that day be tomorrow? 

pants H&M, top Ralph Lauren


Sweater, dress, shoes all H&M

I got this maxi from H&M in a last minute emergency shopping sesh. Forget a well balanced breakfast, there's nothing like an hour of shopping at 9am to start the day off right. I love it with a moss green silk crop top, I love it with a beige skinny belt, I love it with a sweater on top, I love it with an oversized green parka, I love it with wedges, I just love it. 


1 comment:

  1. I love the first one- you are fit enough x10000000 to wear these pants and you look absolutely fabulous