6 January 2011

Vogue Paris loves a good satirical editorial, perhaps more than any other mag. I find many of their editorials tres provocative. They never shy away from a harsh critique of societal norms, even if the society they're critisizing is their own.

Take this recent editorial....
It seems the purpose is to question our fascination with youth. There are a lot of different levels to this.
                  - Young girls who want to rush through childhood and act/dress like adults (or how they     
                           perceive adults to dress).
                        - There is the fascination with looking like as young as possible for as long as possible.
                        - Of course the sexualization of young girls, which I dont even think I could intelligently      
                          comment on.
                        - And finally the trend of top fashion players casting 15 year olds in their shows/editorials,     
                          even if their market is for the 40+ woman.

I see refections of all these issues in this editorial.

Mark Twain is a (the) master of satire and social commentary, often writing racist characters. It wasn't long though, before critics started asking if his writings weren't just satire, but if Twain wasn't actually just a racist. I get the same vibes from Vogue Paris.


Wildfox, you had me at Jane Birkin

Wildfox's new line called Wildfox White Label. Their blog references Jane Birkin as an inspiration. Thats pretty much all I need to know


4 January 2011

Tom Ford Spring/Summer 2011

Pretty much everyone who is remotely interested in fashion should see this video. I love the non-model models in the show. They all do their best to walk and pose like models but they all just end up smiling and laughing, which in my opinion, brings so much life to the clothes. I also love that the sound track to the vid is none other than the beautiful Karen Elson.

These three looks are my favorites from the new Topshop Spring 2011 lookbook. Its color, its futuristic, and its is, or course on trend.

I was left unimpressed by this look. If you swapped in a different hair style it would look like and Ann Taylor or even Talbots look. Not diggin' the kindergarden teacher appeal.

1 January 2011

while i was home for christmas i packed up all that my poor little suitcase could hold of my spring and summer clothes. it must have really gone to my head me cause this was my go-to outfit last summer and i found it absolutely necessary to wear it today, in the dead of winter.

so what do you think? is it okay to winterize even the summeriest of outfits?