19 November 2010

I stumbled across some more late 60s/early 70s inspiration. Here are some vintage pics of students in the teeny tiny High School that I went to in Connecticut. Most of the photos are dated from 1968-1971. Virgin Suicides mashed up with Dead Poets Society = To die for photos
This one is by far my favorite photo of the lot. I love the fit of his pants with the buck shoes. He seems like the kind of guy who is a little weird and shy but confident at the same time. He's got a touch of George Harrison right? Note how almost no studying is ever being done in these photos. Isn't that what High School was all about. 
Howwww cute are these guys. They much have been on the football team, or at least the soccer team.

I included this one because its pretty much the only one with womens fashion. Very cute mini on the brunette towards the left.

This one was titled 'in the smoking lounge'. Whhhhhat!

smoking in the boys room. Naughty

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